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Extesizer works on his next tracks and planning the next upcoming House album with Coby Trip. Check out the new remix contest of MAKE HER SQUIRT and participate in it. You can win a place on our MAKE HER SQUIRT REMIXES release.
Extesizer's Studio

about extesizer

The austrian DJ / Producer Extesizer (the new party drug) established
his own place in the electro house scene by combining hard
electro vibes with dirty / glitchy / squeaky sounds. Extesizer
participated successfully in Blumenkrafts Remix Contest
of Skinny Bitch and won on the first place against
300 other producers. Extesizer started his music
project in 2007 and began to compose and produce
with no special knowledge, any outside help
or intervention. In 2009 he founded his
new Label ENC RECORDS together with his
MC Coby Trip. The label brought out about 15
releases, one EP and one album so far.

MAKE HER SQUIRT (released on 28/01/2011), Extesizer newest
milestone in music production is also open for the ENC Records
Remix Contest till the 24th April 2011 with big expectations.
His label (ENC Records) will release up to 6 remixes of
MAKE HER SQUIRT in the end of May.

In 2009 Extesizer and Coby Trip founded ENC Records and produced their
first single Nightlife. They decided to record a whole album out of
Nightlife, so more tracks followed, titles like Sentimiento, All The Plans
We Had, What You Think, Falling In Love, Fiesta, The Summertime Is
Coming 2010, Dont Treat Me Like That and many remixes more.

Extesizer plays regularly as a DJ in bars and clubs in Vienna, Austria.
He spins mixed styles, but primary Electro House. On the 17.04.2010
Coby Trip and Extesizer launched their first event and repeated
that on the 28.01.2011 with great success.
An upcoming Event in Vienna is already in planning.

Remixes and Bootlegs:
- BT - The Emergency (Extesizer Remix)
- Rihanna - S M (Extesizer Remix)
- Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg - California Gurls (Extesizer Remix)
- Blumenkraft - Fresh Times (Extesizer Remix)
- Extesizer feat. Coby Trip - All The Plans We Had (Extesizer Club Remix)
- Shakira - Did It Again (Extesizer Remix)
- Lady GaGa vs. Deadmau5 - The Reward Is LoveGame (Extesizer Remix)
- Lady GaGa - Paparazzi (Extesizer Climax Mix)
- Shakira - She Wolf (Extesizer Remix)
- Lady GaGa - Love Game (Extesizer Remix)
- Swen Weber - Cheeky Disco (Extesizer Remix)
- Ida Corr - I Want You (Extesizer Remix)
- Blumenkraft - Skinny Bitch (Extesizer Remix)
- Run DMC + Eiffel 65 vs. Extesizer - Its Blue Like That (2009 Mashup)
- Carmen and Camille - Shine 4U (Extesizer Club Remix)
- Nelly Furtado - Forca (Extesizer Remix)
- Extesizer - Dragostea Din Tei 2009 (Original Mix)
- Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten (Extesizer Instrumental Remix)
- Nena ft. Kim Wilde - Anyplace Anywhere Anytime (Extesizer Instrumental Remix)
- Katy Perry - Hot n Cold (Extesizer Remix)

Events / Gigs
- 11.02.2011
Hudri Bar Vienna
- 28.01.2011
Replugged Vienna
- 22.12.2010
- 11.12.2010
Schottenkeller Vienna
- 30.10.2010
All In Club Vienna
- 08.06.2010
Club Tresor Vienna
- 17.04.2010
centro.once Vienna
- 21.11.2008
Marriott Hotel Vienna

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